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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Columbia flower mystery

      Watching the Columbia Association planting pansies around our town a couple of months ago I was told that in a couple of months they would be digging them up and planting summer flowers.  This past week I saw the thriving flowers being dug up and thrown into a dump truck to be hauled away.  Soon I expect the new summer flowers to go into these areas.  Years ago I remember getting some information about flowers being offered to people who wanted to dig them up before they were to be replaced.  I can't remember if it was CA or somebody else that made this offer.  I certainly would have been willing to dig up some of the pansies that seem to be thrown away and plant them in my yard rather than buying them at Home Depot.  I would even be willing to buy them cheaply if they were offered in some way.


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David Greisman said...

Hi, Duane!

Thanks for your post. I passed it along to the good folks at Columbia Association's Department of Open Space and Facility Services. I'll get back to you when they have a response to your request.

Thanks again,
David Greisman
Columbia Association