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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Visual proof that rain gardens work

      My neighbors have recently had a contractor adding an addition to their home and the trucks have been using the access way shown below to get to the work site.  After one of our heavy rains last week they put up this barrier to try and stop the stormwater runoff.

     As you can see below the barrier was not enough to stop the soil from the work site below from ending up in the road and going into the storm drain.

The brown stream ran all the way down our street and into the storm drain and then I guess to Lake Elkhorn.

On the other side of my house our rain garden was able to absorb the heavy rain without having any soil entering the street.

     Once again to learn about how you can have the Columbia Association install a rain garden in your yard and pay for 3/4 of the cost listen to this video from John McCoy.   The final cost of the garden is reduced by another $250 in a check you can receive from Howard County for installing a rain garden.

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