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Friday, June 26, 2015

One small step for Howard County, one giant leap for bikers

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   When Columbia was planned almost 50 years ago roads were designed for cars and the bike paths were for bikers.  There wasn't any consideration of how the bike paths should connect with the road system.  We now have seen how moving ahead biking can now be linked with both the bike paths and our roads.
    I recently watched as Homespun Drive near my house was re-blacktopped.  The thought occurred to me that this was another opportunity to create a bike lane on this road with little additional cost.   When the lines were painted on the new surface it seemed that another opportunity was lost as it seemed that the lines had just created a parking lane on the road.  Yesterday to my surprise the symbol for a bike lane had been painted on the road.  This pattern will hopefully be duplicated on many of our roads as they are resurfaced.  A small step but the right one to make this a bike friendly community.


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