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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pink Flamingos

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     Somehow I find it amusing when my neighbors do something so "un" Columbian like putting pink flamingos in their yards.  The neighbors seem to move the flamingos around in some kind of game.

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As much as I don't mind having some architectural standards that keep our neighborhoods from the "odd" home I do enjoy the occasional protest of the uniformity.

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     What really annoys me is how some bank can let a foreclosed property decline into disrepair around the corner from the flamingo homes and no one seems to be able to force the bank to sell the house to someone who will live in and take care of the property.

   This property has been abandoned for almost 2 years and has had holes in the roof in the past that let the rain into the interior and caused the ceiling to collapse in the dining room.

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    Broken windows have been replaced a couple of times.  My question is why a bank doesn't seem to have any interest in getting rid of this home that doesn't enhance our neighborhood.


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