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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sharing our paths with our four legged friends

     The other day running ( OK, maybe I should admit to slow jogging) along the Patuxent Trail toward Kings Contrivance I was once again reminded how our path system has multiple users.  A snapping turtle was slowly moving alone the path.  I assumed it was easier travelling the path then the heavy brush along the path.


     I have become familiar with the family of deer that frequently use the path behind my house on their evening travels from Lake Elkhorn to their evening sleeping grounds off Oakland Mills Road.

     Recently this family has included a couple of young fawns.  One of which got caught behind our neighbor's fence and it took some prolonged coaching from the mother to get the fawn over the fence and back on the path.
     I keep thinking of the planning groups that Rouse brought together to plan the different aspects of our community.  I bet the discussion of the path system as a way for children to walk to school and residents to get to village centers never included the benefit to our local animal population.  An example of good unintended consequences.  I am sure the animals would salute Jim Rouse if they could.


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