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Friday, March 6, 2015

Lake Elkhorn in black and white

     First an admission.  I dread winter every year.  I miss the warm of summer.  However, it was hard to ignore the beauty of Lake Elkhorn yesterday.

    It is always amazing to just see two colors--black and white.

    Living near the lake has given me many wonderful experiences as the seasons change.

   I have photographed this one tree a number of times and the views change dramatically with the seasons.  Above was yesterday's view.  Below is the view of the same tree in the early Spring.

     Probably my favorite time of the year to photograph the lake is in the Fall.

    And finally a view right before sunrise.

      Rouse gave us these wonderful views by planning our lakes in his "new town."


1 comment:

Ned said...

Great shots. I do like the black and white. I was out at about the same time and marveled at the trees. Also there were mergansers and ringnecks and buffleheads under the bridge at the east end. #SavingThePlaces