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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Income measurement by counting trees and joggers?

    New digital technology has allowed us to view communities in ways that were not possible in the pre-digital age.  I recently came across two ways that you can measure income levels of different communities using this technology.  All you have to do is to identify features that differentiate low income communities from high income communities.   The first measurement was the amount of trees in our cities.  The more trees in a city neighborhood the more likely to have a wealthier population living there.  Here is how it is done using a tree count from Google.  The second measurement of income is from the number of joggers and bikers.   More of each means a wealthier population.  This is measured from the jogging and biking apps used to measure your run or bike.

        Given Columbia's planned preservation of trees and the number of our joggers and bikers it only confirms that we do indeed live in a high income community.


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