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Thursday, March 5, 2015

4 years of blogging


     As March begins I will be heading into the 5th year of blogging.  A total of 1264 blog posts.  When I began I wasn't sure what I would blog about or how often.  I saw that most bloggers had a consistent theme to their blogs.  I didn't feel that I wanted to follow this model as my interests were highly varied.  But I have tried to generally follow a pattern of having a local angle to most of my blogs.  I also wanted to try and share information on what is happening in Howard County, hence the name HoCo Connect.
    So with design help from Tom Coale I had the template for a blog and then it was up to me to figure out what I would write about.  I talked with Dennis Lane about blogging at one of the first blog parties I attended and he said that to get readers you should try to post frequently.  Dennis certainly had followed this path.  I could see that some days he just posted a short blog on something he saw or thought interesting.   He had a talent for this type of blogging that many of us admired.  I decided to try and follow that pattern but have never been able to do it as well as Dennis did.
     I have learned that there are folks out there who will post anonymous, harsh comments about some of my posts that show my liberal leanings.  Some days I feel like developing a more political blog but generally try and stay away from controversial political issues except for a few I feel most passionately about.  I also stay away from local politics and criticism of our local elected officials.  This isn't hard because we have some of the most talented and fair officials one could hope for.  That includes candidates of both parties.  That says a lot about Howard County.
     As my 5th year blogging begins I have thought that I might step back somewhat from daily posting and spend more time on fewer posts.  Time will tell if this will work for me.
     Finally I have to say that I know I would not be blogging if it weren't for the HoCo Blogs website and the work that Jesse Newburn does to energize and increase the number of bloggers we have in Howard County.  Jesse is the reason we have such a healthy community of bloggers.

     One thing that is somewhat disappointing is how few comments most of us get to our posts.  It is always nice to hear from readers.   I certainly don't mind if you comment with a disagreement on something I have said in a post but I wish you could at least post it with your name.  Comments posted anonymously carry little weight.
P.S 1
    Trash and recycling cancelled for Thursday.  Schedule slides for rest of week.


The Big Apple said...

Thank you for 4 great years. Your variety and photographs make for a special treat. I always click through to see, "What is he posting about today?" PS Easier to comment when at my computer rather than on my tablet

Al Romack said...

Rock on! From a long time lurker

Ned said...

I enjoy your posts, the topics you choose and the photos. Thank for addressing the environmental issues in the county. #SavingThePlaces

Jessie Newburn said...

Duane, I so dearly remember our first meeting, and I'm so grateful Tom Coale kindly coached you, too. Thanks for your sweet words and, more importantly, for your contribution to our healthy community of bloggers. :-)

Harry Schwarz said...

Glad to join the celebration of HoCo Connect. You've made a real contribution to the fabric of Howard County, Duane. The pictures are always a great bonus. Thank you.

Adam Paul said...

I really like the variety of topics you cover, and its nice to know that I might see social issues or just great photos of the homefront within. I certainly enjoy reading your posts, and do wish there was more of a conversation to these blogs. I don't get a lot of feedback on my own photo related (and thus somewhat HoCo related) blog either, and it feels like I'm often talking to myself, so I definitely like to comment when I can.


Julia McCready said...

We all learned so much from Dennis. Congrats on four years!

Brent The Brewer said...

Congrats on 4 years Duane. Your blog posts makes my lunch time much more interesting. Keep up the great work!