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Monday, February 16, 2015

Tipping cheapskates


    Remember the horrible driving conditions this past Saturday evening?  When I talked with a relative who delivered pizzas for extra spending money I was surprised to hear they delivered the whole evening in the terrible conditions.  I asked if people tipped extra for the drivers bringing pizza on this snowy night.  The answer I got surprised me.  He said the tips were like normal and there were even the normal no tip deliveries.  Not tipping a pizza delivery in a driving snowstorm?  Really? If you are too cheap to tip a delivery person just "get off your you know what" and pick it up yourself.  Just for your information the delivery charge you are charged on pizza goes to the store and not to the delivery person.  They work for minimum wages and tips. I haven't had any recent pizza delivery as I prefer my own homemade pizza but I remember usually giving a $20 bill and telling the delivery person to keep the change which was usually $2-$3.  I would never have thought to not tip someone who brought me something.
      This got me thinking about my experience with tipping.  I have to admit I tip a greater percentage on a lower cost meal bill than on a higher cost meal bill.  I usually do 20-25% on a meal in the $20-$30 range and probably closer to 10% on a $70-$80 bill.  I always assume the work for a waiter is the same regardless of the cost of my meal.  I am not sure if I am the only one that looks at tipping in this way.  I do tip higher for a good experience with a waiter.
      I would just prefer that employees who work for tips just be paid more and pass the cost on to me in the meal.  That way it would be fairer to the wait staff and I wouldn't have to figure out a fair tip. Isn't tipping a custom that has outlived its usefulness?  I for one would be glad to see it phased out with a higher minimum wage.

    I bet the people who don't tip someone delivery pizza also feel they are under paid at their jobs!

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