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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hiking the Patapsco Mckeldin trail

    With our recent cold weather hiking in the winter may seem like something you wouldn't consider.  But winter can be a great time to explore our local park areas.  The lack of leaves on the trees gives you views of the parks that you might miss in the summer.  I recently visited the McKeldin Area of the Patapsco State Park.   This area is just off of Marriottsville Road. 

   The map below show the trail along the Patapsco River. 
   This 16 mile trail is one that can be a full day hike over some hilly areas but for any experienced hiker it provides some scenery that makes the hike very enjoyable.

     Most of the trail is easy to follow by dirt trail

  At some points the trail climbs the rolling terrain high above the river.

   At most points it stays very close to the river.

     Along the trail you can see the granite outcroppings that once were the basis for the granite industry in the area and gave the name to the town of Granite.

   There are even some caves along the trail like the one shown below.


       Great volunteer opportunity if you would like to share your love of nature in Howard County.   The Howard County Conservancy is now looking for volunteers to take their naturalist training in March.  Check it out here

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Ned said...

Good article highlighting a great trail. A place we all need to know about to refresh our spirits!!!!

Amy said...

Great, thanks! We have been thinking of doing this as a "beginners" trip. it seems like it would be a good overnight first. If the park closes, does tha tmean you are not allowed to overnight there? Would this be acceptable to finish before dusk for 2 beginners?