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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gun reality in Howard County

     Just over a year ago we were all shocked with the shooting that took place in the Columbia Mall.  Gun violence is something that is still rare in Howard County.  But as Tom Coale recently pointed out in his blog HoCo Rising there is no County law against bringing a gun into a County building.
For this reason a bill has been introduced in the Howard County Council to make it illegal to bring a gun into a County building.  Public safety officers would be exempted.
      As noted in an article in the Baltimore Sun, counties in our area have different rules for bringing a gun into a County owned building.  It is good to see that soon Howard County will join the other "sane" counties in outlawing guns in our County buildings.

     I couldn't help with making my political comment in the last sentence.  I can't image why any "sane" jurisdiction would not have this type of legislation.

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