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Monday, February 23, 2015

The danger of using athlete spokesmen

      Remember when M&T used Baltimore Ravens in their commercials? After the domestic violence  problem with Ray Rice they thought they would be safe using the President of the Ravens but then he became controversial when it appeared the management of the Ravens had seen the videotape of the Rice incident.  Royal Farms also had to stop using their commercials using  Haloti Ngata when he admitted using Adderall.
     So I guess M&T is trying to play it safe by now using non-athletes in its "feel good" commercials.  I just miss how this is supposed to make me want to bank with M&T.  Why don't they just start giving me more interest on the money I give them?

1 comment:

Adam Paul said...

THIS. -^

I'm actually turned off by athlete endorsements, how someone who makes more money in a season than I'll ever make in my lifetime then goes and "supplements" their income by pitching banking, convenience stores, cars, pizza, etc. It just gets a bit nauseating after a while.