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Friday, February 20, 2015

Bacon crust on pizza? Really??

    I once did a blog on our obsession with bacon and am always amazed at the popularity of eating a cured piece of pig belly.  The latest obsession with bacon is the new bacon crust pizza with 3.5 feet of bacon from Little Caesars.   Little Caesars has the worst pizza of any of the pizza chains.  This is the pizza that everyone orders for kid's birthday parties because it is so cheap and kids eat anything.
    Here is how USA Today describes this pizza:

"Like many food makers and food sellers, Little Caesars is looking for a new way to cash in on the nation's continued infatuation with all things bacon. Domestic bacon sales have climbed for five consecutive years, recently hitting the $4 billion mark, reports research specialist Information Resources. Bacon has shown up in recent years in everything from sundaes at Burger King to milkshakes at Red Robin."

   Is there any doubt why we have an obesity problem in America???

    New guidelines on nutrition.  Eggs back on the OK list.  Seems like saturated fats still out but cholesterol in food items without saturated fats are safe.  Transfats still bad.  Plant based diets best. 

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