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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce choices


    Seems like food is on my mind this week so I will start my food posts early this week.  For most of us when we hear of sriracha hot sauce the brand made by Huy Fong Foods comes to mind. Just like Kleenex has become synonymous for facial tissue, the Huy Fong Foods brand of sriracha hot sauce has become synonymous for sriracha hot sauce. Founded by David Tran, a Vietnamese immigrant, it has made this the "go to" hot sauce for many of the recipes that call for hot sauce.  Earlier this year the factory was partially shut down for an offensive odor and it created a stir about the impact on the supply of this hot sauce.  This sauce seems to have taken over a large part of the Mexican hot sauces that used to be the standard hot sauces. There are a number of other sriracha sauces to try.  Asian markets usually carry a variety of sriracha sauces like the ones below:

         The Polar brand sriracha sauce is a hotter, vinegary choice then the Huy Fong brand.  This is my favorite.  Probably need to go to an Asian market to find this choice.

     Lee Kum Kee's srirachi sauce is also a favorite with spicy, somewhat fruity taste.  Good to add to BBQ sauce on ribs.

   I added the Kikkoman brand because it maybe one you could find in our local grocery stores.  It is a very hot version but probably the most gel like of the sauces.  Probably not worth trying.

   Trader Joe's sells their own version of sriracha sauce which is probably my least favorite.  It has a strong taste that I didn't find appealing.  Like a lot of other Trader Joe's brands----some are hits (vanilla ice cream) and some misses (canned vegetables).

   The best selection of Sriracha is at the GW Asian Market on Route 40 just inside the Baltimore Beltway.


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