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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Constellation Energy creates wildlife habitat in Columbia

      The need to keep trees and other vegetation away from power transmission lines has often created scenes like the one above.  Not too attractive or environmentally friendly.  This maybe changing as the sign below shows.

     I recently noticed the above sign near the power transmission lines near Lake Elkhorn.  Researching this I found this information on Constellation Energy's website about their efforts to create wildlife habitats along their transmission lines.  As you can see below the growth has provided a great habitat for all types of wildlife.

Below you can she the bedding area used by deer under the transmission lines.

The berries on bushes below are popular with birds in the area.

   The picture below shows the den of a family of foxes built into a bank near the transmission lines.  Small rodents are plentiful in the area around the habitat.  The fox earlier in the year had 6 small baby foxes near the den.

           Sometimes something that makes good business sense also make good environmental sense.

     I have also noticed how lately hotels are bragging about "going green" by only offering new towels when requested to cut down on their use of laundry detergents.  I don't mind reusing a hotel bath towel multiple days like I do at home.  Saves the hotel money and time and helps the environment.  Makes sense.


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