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Friday, July 18, 2014

Easy living in the Summer in Columbia

      One of the unappreciated aspects of living in Columbia is the enjoyment of activities around Lake Kittaquandi in the Summer.  Most nights there is some type of activity occurring around the Lake.  The Thursday night music performances highlight a variety of different musical groups.

     Clydes happy hour on their deck also has some enjoyable music.   What better way to enjoy a beautiful Summer evening?
     What brought me to the Lake last night was the Jim Rouse at Leisure exhibit at the Columbia Archives.

    The exhibit showed the fun side of Jim Rouse.  Notice that his boat was not some fancy yacht but a boat like the ones used by people who worked the bay and simply called "Adequate."  So much like the modest man that he was.

      My visit to the Archives also gave me a chance to check on the progress of the Whole Foods renovation.  Everything looks close to being ready for next month's opening from the outside........

    To the inside..................

      To the parking lot


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