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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Smile you're on camera!

  With the role that security cameras had in the investigation and arrest of a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings we see how much of our lives are now on camera. With almost everyone carrying a camera on their phone and the sophistication and miniaturization of security cameras you can probably assume that at any large event you might be on camera.

     For years now we have become used to the red light and speed cameras that have been used by the County to crack down on running red lights and speeding cars around schools.  Having been caught by the speed cameras (but never in HoCo) I can attest to their effectiveness.
     This week I saw another way that security cameras are being used.  We are familiar with the ceiling cameras in stores but I was surprised to see how they are being used at the Home Depot.

  While shopping for some plastic piping I was surprised to see not only a camera but a screen that showed I was being watched.

    Apparently this type of item is often shoplifted.  Note that seeing oneself on the screen isn't enough warning but the bottom of the screen is telling you that you are being recorded.

   I did notice a Home Depot employee looking at me as I took the pictures of the recording device.  Not sure if he would have believed me if I would have told him that it was for a blog I was doing.   But I do carry cards with me for my blog.


Makima Moochie said...

I wonder how the Home Depot employee would have thought about you handing him a blog card after he thought you were shoplifting or something equally shady.

Odessa Hanton said...

Technology has definitely gone far. During the old days, security cameras are very expensive, and not everyone can afford it, even those small stores. But now, you can find it almost everywhere. However, despite having security cameras everywhere, outlaws and criminals still find a way to commit crimes. We’re still not fully secured even we can afford to have security system installed. Thankfully, cameras can identify who these people are, which makes it easier for authorities to catch them. ->-Odessa

Guy Cheadle said...

I guess those cameras installed on various establishments are just a reminder for you that you're not allowed to do a malicious act. You have to be good because most probably, there is “someone” who's watching you. There are people who are really tough to go along with their plans though. They just don't realized that they're getting themselves in bigger trouble because with the CCTV, they can't simply run away. They may escape at first, but they'll get caught afterwards.

Meri Berger said...

Having those cameras around stores and showing people that they are being recorded does tend to curb the chances of people shoplifting. I’ve seen some convenience stores use that tactic: they aim the camera at the items that are easy to pocket and the screen is just behind the cashier counter so everyone can see what others are doing in various corners of the store.