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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blogging community's loss

           Those of us in the HoCo blogging community were shocked yesterday to learn of the murder of Dennis Lane.  Dennis was one of the most popular bloggers with his Tale of Two Cities blog.  It was one of the blogs I read everyday.  For many people who read Dennis' blog it was the only way they knew him.  For those of us in the blogging community who had an opportunity to meet and talk with Dennis we were able to get to know him as a warm and funny individual.  He never took himself too seriously.  My conversations with Dennis usually got around to talking about how we found the material to be an "almost everyday" blogger.  There are only a few of us in Howard County who try to blog everyday.  For us everyday provides an opportunity to share our observations that most people experience but don't share.  Dennis, being involved with commercial real estate, usually blogged on what was happening in the business world in Howard County.  His blog was always a good source of what business was coming or leaving Howard County.  But what I liked most about his blog was that he also shared many of the small, personal observations of a man with a curiosity of the everyday occurrences around our County.

  It is hard to believe that there will never be another blog post by Dennis.   He will be missed. 
   Strange to see what certainly looks like a different person labeled as Dennis in the Sun's article this morning.  Not sure how they could get a picture of the wrong person.

   Community Action is at Wegman's today (Saturday) accepting donations for the Howard County Food Bank.  Stop by and donate today.

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