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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Clark's Elioak Farm open

    Clark Elioak Farm on Route 108 is open for locally raised beef, pork, chicken and lamb.  With the issue of commercially raised animals being loaded with steroids and other growth hormones the issue of farm raised animals has become a growing industry.  The Clark family has been farming on Route 108 for over 200 years.  Most recently the family of former Maryland Senator Jim Clark has been expanding the farming to include event themed parties, tours, a petting zoo, hayrides and many of the features of the old Enchanted Forest amusement park.   With many of the features brought from the old Enchanted Forest it will bring bring back the memories of visits to the Enchanted Forest back in the 1960's and 70's.

     This weekend May 25-27 is a gem mining weekend.  Purchase a bucket full of enriched ore, and use the water flume to discover gems you can take home with you. Fun for all ages. Check for more information about gem mining and possible special programs offered this weekend.  To check out the weekend activities go to their events website. 

Foursquare link to Howard County farms and farm stands from Jessie Newburn

   If you are looking for good corn for this weekend try the sweet corn at Wegmans.  Best sweet corn I have had in a long time.