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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Bananas Foster French Toast

     The past two years I have blogged recipes for special breakfasts for Mother's Day.  It seems like most of the things I like to make for breakfast are sweet and variations of desserts.  Today is no different.  Having made this recipe a couple of times I thought it fit with the pattern I have established.

    Start with making french toast with a good Challah bread.  I usually add vanilla and cinnamon to the egg batter.  Then the topping is made by melting a stick of butter and adding a half cup of brown sugar when the butter has melted.  When the mixture turns to a golden syrup add the sliced bananas until they are soft. Optional is teaspoon of dark rum.  Sprinkling a little powdered sugar on top always makes it look nice.  Adding vanilla ice would make this a dessert.  Maple syrup isn't usually needed.

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