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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tomatoes that taste like real tomatoes

   Tired of tasteless winter tomatoes?  If you want to try a tomato that has some real flavor try one of the Kumato tomatoes in a variety of local grocery stores.  I have purchased them at Giant, Wegmans and Sam's Club.  Best price of course was at Sam's Club for a double pack shown above.
    Don't let the unusual brownish color fool you.  These tomatoes pack much better flavor than other tomatoes available in the stores.  Most tomatoes available now are picked green and gassed to give a pinkish color that tries to fool you into thinking they are ripe.

     For those of us early risers turning our clocks ahead tonight leaves us with mixed feelings.  Oh sure we like the extra hour of light in the evening but will miss the early sunrise that we have had the past few weeks. It has been nice to run in the light for a few weeks before returning to darkness now for the next month.

P.S. 1
Columbia Patch has a story about the new restaurant in Dobbin Center opening next week.  Sounds interesting to try.

  Still time to plant a cherry tree at Centennial Lake as part of the "Blossoms of Hope" project.

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Julia McCready said...

Wow--must try these. I hate plastic tomatoes.