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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Catonsville Lotto Asian Market: What you will find there

   A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the new Asian market in Catonsville where the old Toys R Us used to be.  I mentioned I would have to go back there when I had time to go down all the aisles.  Last week I got that chance. Below is what I found.
A large selection of nuts of all types

Noodles in every shape and type

A wide variety of Asian snacks

As you would expect a wide variety of soy sauces.  I have grown to like lime flavored soy sauce.

A wide variety of hot sauces both Asian and Mexican

Ever try frog legs?  They really are good and taste like a sweet chicken meat.

I have always been a little afraid to buy seafood at these markets because I was never sure of the freshness but these packages looked fresh.

Not sure of this Tilapia but price looked decent

At the Honey Pig takeout in the store they had a wide variety of meat and veggie filled steamed buns for $2. I had the pork one and it was enough for lunch.

Not sure what they meat filled balls taste like but worth a try

Large pearl tapioca makes a great tapioca pudding

Couldn't leave without trying a new flavored Aloe drink

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