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Friday, March 15, 2013

Are gun buy back programs effective?

     Tomorrow at the Dorsey Building on Bendix Rd (off Route 108) the Howard County Police are having a "gun buy back" from 11 am to 3 pmFunds used in this program come from drug confiscated property.  Getting guns "off the street" certainly has the potential to make a community safer but the question with these buy back programs is whether the guns turned in are coming from people who would be using their gun in an illegal or unsafe manner.  It is safe to assume that no one who is going to use the gun to commit a crime is the type of person to turn a gun in with this buy back program.  While that maybe true removing any gun from a household makes it less likely to be used in a suicide or an accidental shooting. Contrary to the argument of gun rights advocates having a gun in your home makes your home less safe than more safe.  Examples of women using a gun to protect their children may sound reassuring to some but the real facts point to the gun being used against the woman more than for her protection.

From the Columbia Association:

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Greg said...

One of the best uses of the gun buy back program is as a way for people to get rid of guns that they are no longer interested in owning. This may be because they inherited the firearm, it is no longer safe to use, or because they have realized they do not have the training or desire to fire a weapon appropriately in the event it is needed.

I encourage every law-abiding citizen who wants to have a gun to do so, with the proper licensing and training. If you do own a gun, you must be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to fire that weapon and to take a life. If you are not, then you are better off selling the weapon because it won't do you any good.