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Thursday, July 21, 2011

In Praise of a County Agency

We hear a great deal from politicians today about the need to shrink government and that working for government is not a real job.  The fact that the public sector has been losing jobs is seen as a victory for taxpayers.  No one would ever deny that there aren’t public sector jobs that may not contribute to the well being of a community just as there is waste in the private sector.  We all know that we have a first rate school system and library but today I want to highlight another Howard County agency that I have worked with and used their programs and I think deserves some high praise-----Howard County Recreation and Parks. 

I have known and worked with the last three Directors of this agency, Jeff Bourne, Gary Arthur and John Byrd and they each have been innovative and responsive to the recreational needs of our diverse county.  Something about our Rec and Parks Department that attracts the most creative people. We have first rate playing fields, great parks and a great summer camp program that contribute greatly to the quality of life in our county.

Is there a better more successful county event then Wine in the Woods?  I know that this big event some years fell on the same weekend as the Columbia Triathlon at Centennial Park but the Department managed to pull off the Wine in the Woods and support the Triathlon at the same time.

Today what I wanted to highlight with this agency is its efforts to create public art.  If you have been reading this blog for any time you know that this is a topic I have done a few blog posts about.  I have been discouraged to see the gang tagging over the art work on the underpass on Oakland Mills Road.  So I was surprised today driving to the East Columbia Library and seeing the mural on the side of the storage building that Rec and Parks uses for the soccer fields by the Library.  Whoever in the Rec and Parks Department has come up with this idea I commend you and hope we see more of this around our parks.  I would also hope the idea would catch on around the county on more of our buildings.

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Anonymous said...

"loosing" jobs?

columbia20something said...

I love reading your blog. So often the media only considers bad news to be "news." It's great to read about things we're doing right. Thanks for a breath of fresh air!

hoco connect said...

I hope we only lose the "loose" jobs!