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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Best Chicken Wings you will ever have

I have never been a fan of chicken wings because the ones you buy are too greasy and have too much chicken skin.  The following recipe has never of these qualities.  While I wouldn't call these wing healthy they are better than the wings you buy. I would take the skin off the wings before preparing this recipe.  The key thing in this recipe is the slow cooking.  Start the day before serving to have the wings marinade and the cooking  will take most of the next day to prepare these wings but the reward it worth it.

1) Take about a cup of sake and a cup of Japanese plum wine (I normally use the takera brand plum wine), put in some soy sauce, one cup chicken stock, some honey and fresh ground pepper. 

2) Boil it down to reduce by about half and let cool.

3) Marinate the chicken wings in it for at least one day

4) Cook covered on a low temp (about 225 degrees) in the oven for a long time, 8-12 hours should be good, but keep checking it every hour.

5) When its ready and the meat is really tender, remove most of the sauce and put on the stove top to thicken:
       Thicken the sauce by bringing it to almost a boil and then removing from the heat, pour some of the sauce into a cup of egg yolks (how many depends on how much sauce you have, if I was making this for 2 people I would use one egg yolk, for four people 2 etc.)  Stir it together with the liquid you poured into the egg yolks and then add back to the pot of sauce off the heat and stir in, it should thicken right away and is now ready.

      While you are thickening the sauce the wings can cook uncovered with a small amount of sauce in the oven on a slighter high temp, like 300 degrees.

6) Either toss the wings in with the thickened sauce or serve sauce on the side and its ready to serve.

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