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Friday, July 22, 2011

Invent a Search Engine----- Start a Revolution

         I have come to believe that Google is the most important invention for the transmitting of knowledge since the invention of the printing press.  And as we know that the invention of the printing press was a key factor in the creation of the Renaissance and bringing on the end of the era of kings as the normal form of governance.  So how will Google and other forms of social media such as Twitter and Facebook impact the governance on our current world?   If I were to make a prediction based on how these tools have been recently used in the Middle East I would predict that the movement toward more democratic forms of government will continue to become more common throughout the third world and bring an increasing modernization to those countries that have remained stuck in the Middle Ages.   As countries have more access to information about the western world dictatorial leaders will lose their control of information and power.  The lines of country states will blur and movements like the creation of European Union and common currency among countries will increase.  The increasing spread of the Web throughout the world will make English the universal language.  The increase in the information flow worldwide, a world interconnected economy and the increasingly shared use of English will make conflicts that end in military conflict far less likely.  This reality is now seen in terms of how China and the United States are so linked economically that even though our political beliefs are very different the possibility of military conflict between the US and China is very unlikely.  The historical direction is toward some form of world governance far beyond the influence of the United Nations.  The world corporations will push for this type of governance to have stability in their business activities.  Tariffs will diminish if not disappear entirely.  We see this now with large business in the US not wanting states to have different requirements for business operations.

Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin never realized they were changing the world in ways unimaginable in developing a search engine.

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