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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Buildings as Art

In my blog on Wednesday I talked about how monochrome Columbia was so I thought it might be fun to go to the Lakefront and look at the buildings (drab, drab, drab) and play around with Photoshop to add some of the color from the buildings I photographed in San Francisco.  You can see the results to the right with before and after photos.  I am no expert in using Photoshop and you can see that in the photos but I would only ask one question?  Which picture would make you stop and notice the physical structure?  Does you eye catch anything of interest walking around the lakefront? I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not everyone would prefer the color.  Some might think it takes away from the simplicity of the building design.  I started out in college to be an architect and I learned that building design includes many different aspects.  One of those aspects is color and with the new building materials we have today to not include the use of color in building design is a shame.  One of the buildings that I admire for its use of color in Columbia is the Charter Building on Charter Drive in Hickory Ridge.  The photo above is that building.  Have others admired that building? What do you think?

Maryland Public Television is partnering with the Mental Health Association of Maryland and the Maryland Coalition of Families for Children's Mental Health to raise awareness of the mental health needs of children and adults. Tune in to MPT2 all month to learn more about mental wellness for you and your loved ones.

5/4 at 11 PM Independent Lens "The Horse Boy"

5/7 at 5:30 PM Beautiful Son

5/8 at 5 PM Misunderstood Epidemic: Depression

5/26 at 11 PM Autism—Coming of Age

5/29 at 5 PM Minds on the Edge: Facing Mental Illness

P.S. 2
The Howard County Library is encouraging adults to check out their Summer Reading Program.

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