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Friday, May 13, 2011

More than Just Books -Howard County Library System

Blogger was down today so that is why the post for today is late!

I remember going to my hometown library growing up and having a limited selection of books from which to select that had been donated by citizens of our town. It was not unusual to have books that you used for school papers that were 20 or 25 years old. I remember one book I checked out on the planets that only listed 8 planets. When I looked at the date of its publication it was 1903. Of course now with Pluto being downgraded as a planet I guess that book would be accurate again.

In Howard County we now have a state of the art library system that is the 21st century version of a library. It resembles more of a one-stop shop for information, learning and much more. I have recently joined the Friends of the Library and joined the Board of the Friends. I did this because the membership in the Friends is only a fraction of what I save by getting all my new reading books from the Library. I am the guy you might see at Borders or Barnes and Noble writing down all the titles to the books I am interested in reading and then going home to put them on reserve at the Library. I know that over the years the Library has saved me thousands of dollars. If you are like me isn’t it time to pay the Library back by joining the Friends of the Library.

I wanted to highlight a new program that the Library has just started in partnership with Howard County General Hospital. Called Healthy and Wise this program will focus on ways that we can all take control of our health. The Library is a natural partner for the Hospital because no one in the county reaches more residents than the Library.

he second event to highlight is the Farmer’s Markets at two of the libraries that are now back in business. As a regular shopper at the East Columbia one I can say that the chance to buy local produce and bake goods makes Thursday special for me.

Check out the classes offered by the Library and consider getting some exercise at the 5K Run .

Our Library today is not your father’s library! Check it out.


Tomorrow’s Bike About sponsored by CA and the Columbia Archives has been canceled They will try to reschedule.


Jessie said...

And the Well & Wise blog is cause for the hospital and (the Friends of the) Library to be our co-host and sponsor of the next blogger party - May 19th - See you there!

duanestclair said...

Unfortunately I will be out of town this week and will miss the Blog party but will come to the next one.

Christie said...

Thanks for the great post - and for joining the Friends, Duane!