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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Special Pancake Breakfast for Mom

With tomorrow being Mother’s Day I am assuming that some families might be interested in making something special for Mom for breakfast. I have two special pancakes recipes that will make the Mom in your life remember this breakfast. The one thing that anyone in my family will tell you is that I don’t measure ingredients in my recipes but cook to taste so I will try to approximate the amount of ingredients in each recipe. But I would suggest that you use my method and measure to taste. Get some real maple syrup grade A if you can find it (Trader Joe’s sometimes has it but Costco’s real syrup isn’t bad for the price). Try not to use the amber grade. Especially say away from the Karo syrup type of maple syrups!

French Toast Pancakes

I had this at a diner in Texas years ago and had to get the recipe from the server. The cook was reluctant to share but my persistence paid off. I have played around with the ingredients to get what I had in Texas. Recipe should make 8 pancakes. Take half a loaf of bread (challah is my favorite for this recipe) and chop it fine in a food processor until it is the consistency of bread crumbs. Add 6-8 eggs to food processor (don’t skimp on eggs in this recipe it is French toast pancakes after all). Add a teaspoon of vanilla. Blend well. Pour into a bowl and add just enough pancake batter to get the right consistency for pancakes. The more pancake batter you use the more the pancakes will taste like pancakes and less like French toast. I like a texture for the pancakes that is somewhat spongy and moist. Top the pancakes with powdered sugar and fruit. Serve with warm real maple syrup.

Lemon Curd Pancakes

If you have never used lemon curd you have missed a great ingredient in almost any recipe. I have used it in lemon chicken dishes to give a great taste. In this recipe I use half to ¾ of a 10 oz jar. Start with half the jar and then adjust to taste. Start by beating 4 egg white nice and fluffy. Put 2 cups of pancake mix in a bowl and add enough milk to have the batter thicker than you want. Add the lemon curd and a teaspoon of vanilla. Fold in the egg whites gently. The batter should be light and not thick. If too thick add a little more milk. These pancakes should be thin and light almost between a crepe and a pancake. When done grate a little lemon peel over the pancakes and of course some powdered sugar on top. Again serve with warm real maple syrup.

Poached eggs are my favorite with these pancakes.

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