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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pink flamingos take over Columbia


       Recently a group of long time Columbians were having coffee at Riverside and were bemoaning the fact that Columbia has become too bland and sterile.  What had originally been designed as a bold statement on a better way to design a suburban community has become more like the other bland models of suburban design.  The feeling was that Columbia was becoming like Towson or Rockville and losing much of what brought us to this community. While the Columbia Arts Festival brings some good cultural events to our community it really doesn't engage most of our residents and has a "high brow" quality to it.   Quickly the idea of forming an organization, the Columbia Art Aficionados, to solicit ideas for providing some "low brow" whimsy to Columbia took shape.  One idea led to another and the first suggestion to kick off this effort was to have pink flamingos appearing around our town.

     What better way to launch this effort bring a little kitsch to Columbia than pink flamingos.  Look for these around Columbia in the next few weeks.  Help us add "color" to our community.

      Call it a "guerrilla" art movement.


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