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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

GreenFest Howard County


   This Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm the annual Howard County GreenFest will be held at the Howard Community College.  This annual event marks April as Earth month.   Some of the sessions include:
50 surprises fount in local streems
Rain barrel workshop
Gardening for butterflies
Conservation landscaping
Learn about turtles
Attract wildlife to your backyard
Deterring deer from your backyard

  With the coming of our milder Spring weather recently it is a pleasure to see how our local wetlands absorb the recent storm water runoff.  Too often these areas are being destroyed for development.

  These areas are important for restoring the ground water table so necessary for a healthy environment.   What is happening in California with using this ground water to meet the needs of California growers during their drought is problematic for their future water needs.

      Here in our area the problem may not be drought but effective ways to manage the storm water runoff into our streams, rivers and the Bay to minimize the impact of development in our rapidly growing communities.


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