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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Are you paying too much for your gas and electric?


      With the high utility bills the past couple of months I decided to go online to see what the best deal I could get on lowering my bills.  The suppliers of both gas and electric are now on a competitive basis for your business.  You have the choice of which company supplies each of these to your home.  The billing will still come from BG&E but you don't have to have them be your supplier unless they give you the best rate.  To be a smart consumer you should look at the competitive rates offered by all the suppliers and their terms for a fixed rate.  Fortunately this is easy to do with the website set up for Maryland consumers at this website.   Most plans have no cancellation fees so it is good every year to check to see if you are getting the best rate.  Changing is easy to do online.  Beware of sales people coming door to door selling one of these plans.  They are usually not the best plans and they will only give you the rate for their plan and will tell you how you will save with their plan.  The problem is that they take away your competitive advantage unless you go online to compare for yourself.


     Jesse Newburn with Col. Gateway at last night's blog party at Aida Bistro.

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Ned said...

If you are going to the effort of choosing another source for your energy - be sure to consider buying %100 wind or solar. It sends an important message and cleans the air, water and soils. #SavingThePlaces