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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Habitat for Humanity's ReStore in Columbia

     It finally happened---my favorite reclining chair gave out.  I have been fixing it for the past year trying to preserve its useful life but my last fix finally failed.  Shopping in some of the furniture stores around Dobbin Road I was amazed at how expensive these chairs have become.  Most were well over $1,000!!  I am not necessarily looking to have some fancy leather recliner with teak wood but just a functional, comfortable chair that doesn't break the bank.

 After visiting one of the above mentioned stores I happened to come across the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on McGaw Road.  I was uncertain what I would find there but again I was only looking for a comfortable functional chair.  What I found surprised me.
      In addition to the two chairs I ended up purchasing for $25 apiece (yes my wife wanted one too at that price) I walked around the store to see what else they sold.  Many items available would work fine for most refurbishing jobs around the house.
   Below are just some of the items they carry many for $25 to $50 or most under $100. Some items are even new.

    $350 for a new air conditioner

   The best part of getting a good deal on home furnishings is that the money goes to support our local Habitat for Humanity.  Click here to see a listing of items they carry.

    This chart was sent to me by someone who is heavily involved in academic research and thought that the rest of us non-academics should understand what they really mean in their analysis reports.

   As the father of daughters this video brought many memories back to me of what it is like to have a little daughter in the house.

P.S. 2
   Last week I mentioned about supporting a good organization in Howard County--NAMI of Howard County.  Here is an opportunity to support their work in our County.

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