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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dinner at Rudy's Mediterranean Grill

   I have blogged on Rudy's in the past with their breakfast.  Nothing special about their breakfast menu with mostly the traditional American food items.  It was when I looked at the lunch and dinner menus that I became curious enough to come back to this Gateway restaurant.  I wasn't disappointed.

     For lunch I tried the Lahmacun pictured above which is a ground lamb on a thin pita like dough that was nicely spiced and just right for a light lunch.

    The next time I tried the Chicken Pide pictured above which is a Turkish version of a pizza and was very filling.
      Going back for dinner the meal was started with a very light bread and olive oil for dipping.

Below is the Izgara Kofte which is a grilled lamb and spices which is cooked over charcoal.  It had a nice flavor but was a little dry.  I would have liked a sauce to accompany this dish.

    A more satisfying choice was the Mediterranean Walnut Salad with Fresh Greens w/ Walnuts, fresh Apples, Oranges, Cranberries & Chicken which is pictured below.  It came with a nice honey mustard dressing that made this my first choice for dinner.

    The location of Rudy's is in the Gateway Park in the location that used to house Aida Bistro.

   Congratulations to Howard Community College for being named as a great place to work! This along with our Library being recognized this year makes us realize how special a place we do live in!

P.S. 1
Notice how there isn't a female in this line for the new IPhone?   Maybe they are telling us something guys!

P.S. 2
Maybe we should stay away from downtown Columbia this weekend.

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