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Sunday, September 15, 2013

DVR today's Ravens game

   In my younger years Fall Sunday afternoons were always spent following my favorite NFL football team on the TV.  Following Y.A. Title and the New York Giants in the 1960's,  the Washington Redskins in the 1970's (Billy vs. Sonny!), 80's and 90's (fortunately during their Super Bowl years) and more recently the Baltimore Ravens this pattern meant passing up getting outside and enjoying the crisp, sunny Fall afternoons.  Fortunately I now have the convenience of a DVR recorder on my TV that lets me go out for a bike ride and not miss the game.  So today I will be out doing a bike ride this afternoon and enjoying an early Fall like afternoon while my TV records the game.  Getting back from my ride around 2:30 allows me to watch the game and fast forward through all the commercials and down time in the game.  A 3 hour game is about a 45 viewing with these DVR shortcuts.  Starting at 2:30 means that I don't get to the live action until around the time of the real time ending to the game.  I used to set the skip forward to 30 seconds to easily skip between plays but the hurry up offense has ruined this convenience.  The Ravens frequently on use 20-25 seconds between plays.

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