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Monday, June 17, 2013

The "cavalry" arrive in Howard County

   Yesterday biking on the path to Savage Park I noticed what looked like Howard County police on horseback.  On the way back I once again saw the police on horses around Lake Elkhorn.  My curiosity made me stop and talk to these folks.  I learned that they are volunteers on their own horse.  Notice the two Clydesdales.

    The Howard County Police and the Columbia Association are partnering to provide this increased level of monitoring of the 93 miles of CA paths around Columbia.  These volunteers are not police with guns but can radio the police if needed.  Look for these volunteers around the paths this summer.  The following is from a police media alert:

      "With the summer months here, the Howard County Police Department and Columbia Association are partnering to keep Columbia’s 93.5 miles of pathways safe while people are enjoying the outdoors. While police have not seen an increase in crime in these areas, these efforts are intended to increase police visibility and deter problems."

     "In addition, the partnership now allows for the association’s extensive pathway system to be patrolled by HCPD’s volunteer mounted patrol unit as an extra set of eyes and ears for law enforcement efforts. 'This is the time when people are outdoors and enjoying the open space pathways and amenities,' addedSean Harbaugh, assistant director of Columbia Association’s Open Space Management Division 'I believe that the extra sets of eyes and direct communication between the volunteers, HCPD and Open Space Management will certainly help reduce the few unwanted activities that occur.' The volunteer mounted patrol unit is comprised of 12 local volunteers and their horses. The unit provides assistance to police by conducting mounted patrols using personally owned horses and tack. Volunteers assist in investigative, administrative, and community service functions and events."

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