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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Starbucks finally bans smoking at outdoor seating


     One of the small annoyances to my weekly evening visits to Starbucks on Dobbin Road is that when the weather is nice it is enjoyable to sit at one of the outdoor tables.  Of course it could be nicer if the seating area didn't overlook a parking lot.  The problem with this is that it seems that every smoker using Starbucks  sits at the outdoor seating.  This problem is worse at this location because the employees of the nail salon next door use this area for their smoke breaks.  It is discouraging to see how common smoking is among young people who frequent Starbucks.
     Finally Starbucks has adopted a no smoking policy for these outdoor areas starting yesterday.  I will be interested to see how this new policy is enforced on this week's visit.


Anonymous said...

If we could only get Kimko et al to ban smoking in the village center courtyards? I have written them and received no response. Thanks Kimko.

HoCo Connect said...

Person at Kimko for environmental matters:
William Teichmann
Director of Sustainability
Tel: 704-362-6123
6060 Piedmont Row Drive South
Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28287