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Friday, June 21, 2013

Berry season opens at Larriland Farms

     Tomorrow June 22 the berry season at Larriland Farms on Woodbine Road opens.  Blueberries and raspberries will start off the berry season.  This is a little later than last year.  Being the opening day it would be good to get there early.  Berries should be more plentiful in another week or two.  Last year I went up for the black raspberries but ended up mostly picking the blueberries.  The raspberries were thin the day I was there but the blueberries were abundant.  I had never picked blueberries but I picked them by the handfuls.  In no time I had many pounds of blueberries.  I picked enough to last until a couple of months ago in our freezer.  I will definitely pick enough this year to last us till the next picking season in 2014.  The blueberries keep very well in the freezer unlike some other berries.  We use them mostly for blueberry pancakes.  No store bought blueberries can compare with the ones we picked.

    Someone at Larriland Farms was smart enough to get the website address of ""  Someone savvy in computers to be early enough to grab that address.

    If you want to have a pick your own fruit here in Columbia and surrounds all you have to do it look down on many of our paths this time of the year.

Mulberry trees are everywhere.  While the fruit from these trees are not as sweet as other berries you can use these in most recipes that call for a berry.

 Just be aware that picking them will leave your hands stained red.  Wearing gloves is advised.

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