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Thursday, June 6, 2013

HoCo Library wins national recognition

    Yesterday the HoCo Library was selected as "Library of the Year" by the Library Journal. The photo above is from that journal.  As the Journal described our library:

   "Under Gross’s leadership, HCLS defined everything about HCLS in what she calls “words that work,” concepts that are brief, understandable, clear, and simple for the 282,000 residents of Howard County.

   “We trade traditional library lingo that tends to minimize our value for powerful, value-enhanced terminology that people outside the profession understand,” Gross explains, adding,”This instantly conveys our true worth, and requires no further explanation.”

   "HCLS delivers education under a curriculum comprised of three pillars: self-directed education, research assistance and instruction, and instructive and enlightening experiences."

  “Thousands of library professionals have contributed to the timeless three pillars philosophy we have developed,” Gross explains.

 “The approach blends the best of the academic and business worlds. It positions the library as an educational institution and library employees as a team of educators and support staff. Like successful businesses, the library stands for excellence, accountability, and extraordinary customer service.”

   If you haven't done it before this is a great time to become a Friend of the HoCo Library and support this institution that adds so much to making HoCo a great place to live.

From the Columbia Association:

     "Youth and adults invited to enter Columbia Art Center’s Annual Umbrella Exhibit art contest. The canvas is a large golf umbrella. The rest is up to the artists, be they youth or adults, to express themselves as part of Columbia Art Center’s Annual Umbrella Exhibit art contest. Columbia Association (CA) encourages kids (ages 6-17) and adults (ages 18 and up) to make original artwork with the umbrellas that demonstrates the concept of this year’s theme: “Respect.” Using this theme, artists are limited only by their imagination. Participants are encouraged to visually express their ideas, thoughts and feelings while exploring different aspects of respect — either the concept of respect in general, or respect for something specific such as the planet, the environment, other people or animals.

     Parents-and-child entries, youth group efforts and adult collaborations are also welcome. A panel of jurors will select winners in seven groups: ages 6-9, ages 10-13, ages 14-17, adults 18 and over, best parent and child, best youth group effort and best adult group effort. In addition to the jurors’ awards, this exhibition will feature the viewers’ choice awards for the best entries in each category. The entry fee is $15 and is required upon receiving each umbrella from Columbia Art Center, which is located at 6100 Foreland Garth in the Long Reach Village Center.

      All imagery must be placed on the exposed area of the umbrellas, as they will be displayed open and at waist level. Artists must use paint, glues and additional materials and media that are waterproof and can sustain a 24-hour stay outside. Umbrellas are not required to be closed upon delivery to Columbia Art Center. Artists are welcome to utilize three-dimensional objects on the umbrella as long as they are safely secured to it and the umbrella is transferable to and from Columbia Art Center. Entry forms are due by 9 pm June 17th and umbrellas must be delivered by 9 pm June 20thThe exhibition will be held at Lake Kittamaqundi in Downtown Columbia on June 21st in celebration of Columbia’s 46th birthday, and it will remain open to the public until 8 pm that evening. For entry forms and for more information on contest rules, including when umbrellas will be available to be picked up afterward, please go Columbia Art Center staff can be reached at 410-730-0075or"

P.S. 1

    With tomorrow being National Doughnut Day, Dunkin Donuts has introduced this year's heart attack breakfast sandwich.  But I wonder if eating just one would hurt?

   We have BuzzFeed for today's humor. Having raised daughters I can relate to this. Now having grandsons I know they would take the beds and smash the cars into them.

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