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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Day trip to the Eastern Shore

Within a 2 hour drive (as long as you don't have the usual summer beach traffic) we have some interesting trips.  Today I wanted to mention a few on the Eastern Shore.

The first is the Blackwater National Wildlife Park.  You have probably seen the sign for the park as you went down Route 50 below Cambridge on your way to Ocean City but you have missed an amazing park if you haven't taken the time to visit this park.  Parts of it remind me of the Everglades. Best way to see the park is by bike.

Not too far from Blackwater is Hooper's Island.  This area was founded on the crabbing trade and used to have a factory where the crab meat was processed. Beautiful drive or bike from Blackwater.
Finally the Oxford Ferry is a nice way of experiencing a method of travel once common on the Eastern Shore before all the bridges were built.

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