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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Notice of Blogger Opening

       I was surprised when I attended a blog party that most of the people there were blog readers and not other bloggers.  I have to admit that I didn’t read blogs much before I started blogging.  It got me thinking about differences between folks who blog and those that just read blogs.  Why do some folks think they have something to say that others would be interested in reading?  Do we live more interesting lives?  Are we better writers or communicators?

     From the brief time that I have been blogging and reading other blogs I do feel that my fellow bloggers are a more engaged group of people.  They attend the local meetings and attend community events more than most folks in the area.  Partly that is to have something to blog on but also because they are more involved in this community.  The other factor that seems to be involved in bloggers is some degree of independence from the items they blog on.  You don’t find many public officials or heads of organizations in our community blogging.  The concern about saying something controversial or something that may reflect on their position makes them conservative in relaying information about their organization.  This has been discussed in blogs recently with the election of Tom Coale to the Columbia Association Board.  Tom is one of the most popular bloggers with HoCo Rising and he was the person who helped me start blogging.  Other members of the CA Board have wondered if and how Tom would blog about business that would come before the CA Board.  Would he “speak outside the classroom?”  Tom’s fellow bloggers feel that Tom can only increase awareness and participation in CA issues by blogging on them.  When you now have many CA Board elections being uncontested you can only hope that if there was more awareness of CA business the result would be more interest in the elections.

     So to get to the point of this blog.  I am interested in offering an opportunity to any blog reader to do a blog on HoCo Connect.  While this blog is not the most widely read blog in Howard County I think it has attracted an interesting group of readers.  Surely some of you have something interesting and useful to share with all of us.  Try out contributing a blog and see how you like it.  I am open to blogs on just about anything—an event, an opinion or anything you want to share with others. You know how they say “everyone has a story.”  Everyone must have one good blog in his or her head.  Here is you chance to share it. The only caveat would of course be that you not defame anyone or be a, in the blogger vernacular, “flamethrower.”  Just email me at the email listed on my blog and try it out.  You might find it is fun and I wouldn’t mind being a blog “incubator.


P.S. 2
Anyone know of local food coops that I can publicize?

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