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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great Idea: Take a Book—Leave a Book

I came across an idea that struck me as a very doable project to share and recycle books that sit in our homes on bookshelves until we move and then we decide to give them away or worse throw them away.  The concept of “Leave a Book/Take a Book” is one that has caught on in many different venues.  Street corners, libraries, work places, schools and coffee shops are just some of the places that this concept has been used to share books.

Surely with the innovative people we have in this County we should be able to find a few places for this concept to take root.  Might be a good community service project for some students, religious congregations or book clubs.  With the kids out of school and the TV shows in reruns summer reading is a good time to explore share books in this way. Moms groups could exchange children’s books.  Grocery stores and restaurants could be locations for cookbook exchanges.  Feet First could be an exchange place for running books.  The possibilities are endless.  I would be interested in hearing some other ideas and if this strikes anyone as something to try.

If you would like to donate children’s books there is a great organization that I would like to mention.  Baltimore Reads provides donated books to teachers and other non profit organizations in Baltimore for young readers.  They have the donation location in the Baltimore Sun warehouse on Calvert Street in Baltimore.

Late post today as there was a problem with Blogger earlier today but good old Google told me how to fix the problem. If you ever have a computer issue usually all you have to do is google the problem and you will get the answer on how to fix it.  Try it.  I had an error message once that I had to close every time I rebooted till I googled it and learned how to not get the message.  Who needs technical support when we have Google?  Remember life before Google?  Or as I refer to it as "BG"


Mary Catherine said...

I took my last trunkful of books to Baltimore Reads... but the Elkridge Patch reported that the Free and Reduced Lunch kids at Mayfield Elementary failed the State Reading Assessments. It seems to me that there should be a way to get good children's and young adult books in to the hands of those kids. Dr. Ben Carson said that it was access to books that turned his life around. If these kids had a book or two of their own... could it make a difference? Other schools, I believe, in Howard County had similar results.. We should be able to make this happen in Howard County.

hoco connect said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I strongly believe that getting kids to be readers early in life makes them good students. Worked in our family

MidnightRyder said...

Back when Reader's Digest Condensed Books were sought after trading commodities,
along with the ever-popular Book of The Month selections, today slowly migrating
non-fiction reads are wedging into our community swapping space.

As residents, we age and move do the times, our tastes and economic indicators.
Case in point the publishing business.
One that has changed it's platforms to stave off my brother would say to, "Get with the program."
So, as far as swap contributions go...if anyone makes a decision to donate a Kindle,
it would sure be great to have first eyes on it!