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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Larriland Farm Pick your own raspberries

For all of us that remember Sewell's Orchards as the place where you could pick strawberries and peaches and not as the name of a housing development you now have to go out to Larriland Farms to have the same experience.  In the next week or so the raspberries are coming into season and there is nothing like the red and black raspberries for making a great dessert.  Probably the world's best treat in my mind is black raspberries, some half and half and sugar in a bowl.  When I was growing up we had black raspberries growing wild in the woods near our house and there were some days that this is all we ate.  You can even find some wild black raspberries growing wild along the bike paths in Columbia.  The path from Lake Elkhorn to Savage Park has many wild bushes of raspberries that in July will be ripe.

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