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Friday, July 26, 2019

Turmoil November 2020

     With the Mueller testimony of the Russians probably attempting to interfere with the 2020 Presidential election the only question seems to be what will they attempt this time.  The last election they were content to attempt to influence voters in swing states with social media posts.  What if in 2020 they attempt to go into states voting systems to change votes.  They have already shown an ability to probe state voting systemsSenator McConnell seems willing to block any effort to make our voting systems more secure.   It seems as if the Republicans may feel that the only way to win in 2020 is to get assistance from Russia.
     So fast forward to election night 2020 and we start to see some unusual totals coming in from swing districts or there seems to be a problem with getting totals from heavily Democratic areas or voting machines seem to be non-functioning in some districts.  The integrity of the election system seems to be in question.  In almost all close election district results, Trump seems to be winning narrowly.  Trump declares that he has been re-elected.  The Democrats file suit in court that the results should not be certified because of the irregularities in many polling stations in Democratic areas.  The legal fights from 2000 are here again only this time in a more complicated manner in more than one state. Election headquarters all over the Country could be mobbed with angry voters who feel that the election has been stolen.  The legitimacy of the election in many states seems to become open partisan warfare.
       Sound unlikely?  The Republicans have shown us that their interest in retaining power makes them willing to encourage and support the involvement of a foreign enemy whose interest is undermining democracy.  Undermining democracy is now the goal of many Republicans though making voting harder and gerrymandering. 

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