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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Another side of the immigration debate for the US

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   Two posts on Canada in a couple of days.  I can just hear Trumpers saying "If you love Canada so much why don't you live there?"  So I will answer them first.  I like warm weather and it is too darn cold in Canada.
     I subscribe to a Facebook page called "The Faces of New York" that has stories from NYC mostly but sometimes they have postings from other cities.  Here is one I want to share that portrays a different angle to our Country's immigration situation.  While the focus of our debate is on the flow of immigrants on our Southern border, here is one impact that shows how our Country is losing out on high tech workers too.

"I came from India in 2011 to get my Masters, and ended up working for a major tech company in San Francisco. It was a lucrative job, but there was always a looming cloud of uncertainty. Half of the people in my department were international workers-- mostly Indian and Chinese. All of us were on visas, so our future in America depended upon keeping our employment. I don’t think the managers intended to push us harder. But the international workers were more afraid, so we took more abuse. It just became part of the culture. We were given extra work, and the only way to keep up was to kill yourself every day. I just couldn’t do it. Eventually, I burned out and moved to Vancouver. Canada was very welcoming. My wife and I have residency already. I’ve started my own business. I have all the clients I need. But most importantly I have a home. And I’m not talking about a brick structure. I mean a place that I’m allowed to be. Because once I had that, all my other problems seemed smaller. I could start thinking long term. Because no matter what happens, at least I know I’ll be here.”

       I said it before

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