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Saturday, July 6, 2019

New letter uncovered from a Revolutionary War soldier

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  Many of us heard Trump's speech on the 4th at the Lincoln Memorial talk about the Revolutionary War soldiers controlling the airports.  It was seen as a weird comment given that the War was fought in the 18th Century but a newly uncovered letter from a soldier must have been the basis for his comment in the speech.  Here is the letter:

"My dearest Kate, I must tell you of our latest triumph in our war for independence. Though outnumbered by the redcoats, General Washington was adamant that at dawn we charge the concourse by gate 12, the one nearest Spirit Airlines, sadly we had to pull back all the way to the Southwest gates. There I saw my best friend James die of a peanut allergy. Oh, the humanity! But by noon we were triumphant! I feel this war will be coming to a close soon as we now control JFK and LaGuardia. Ever your love, Thomas."


   Further evidence for Trump

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