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Friday, November 6, 2015

Is your doctor making money from drug companies?


     With the recent news stories of how much markup some drug companies are making with important drugs to treat serious illnesses it is interesting to see if you own personal physician is part of that mark up.  Ever notice those attractive young (usually female) professionals bearing lunch in your doctor's office?  I have.  No one dresses that well to see their doctor.  Turns out they are probably a drug representative bearing gifts for your physician.  John  Oliver recently did a show on this and you can watch it here.  After watching it you can check on how much drug companies have given to your own personal physician.  Don't be surprised at what you find because almost every physician has been on this "gravy train."   My Columbia physician took in over $150,000 last year from drug companies.  You can be sure I will take his suggested drug choices with a "grain of salt".

    If you haven't been watching this Daily Show alumnus on HBO with his show "Last Week Tonight" you are missing some of the best social commentary out there now.


Anonymous said...

Duane, I appreciate your concerns about doctors and the drug industry, but my personal view is this:

the day I can't trust the drug or other medical recommendations
given to me by my doctor is the day I get a new doctor

duanestclair said...

Heard you loud and clear