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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Crime in Columbia

      Somehow we are used to watching the local news and hearing about the crime and murders in Baltimore.   It all seems like a different world than our little suburban Utopian planned community.  So it makes it all too real to have armed robberies in the areas near where I live and walk.  Having a gun pointed at me is not an experience I had ever imagined in Columbia.  The increasing incidents of handguns being used in criminal activity is disconcerting.
     Last week I notice 9 new neighbors joined the NextDoor Elkhorn site that I host to share information on our neighborhood.  This is certainly because of a forced home invasion on one of our streets last week.   This has closely followed a few incidents of armed robberies around Lake Elkhorn recently.   Not surprisingly much of this crime is directed at people involved in the drug scene.  To quote Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, " I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

      To join NextDoor for your neighborhood click here.

P.S. 1
Cool pic of Centennial Lake from Parks and Rec


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