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Friday, July 3, 2015

The first Summer blockbuster on TV tonight


    Today Hollywood has two big seasons--Christmas and Summer.  Hollywood knows that theater attendance is concentrated around these two times so they release the films that they expect to have the biggest draws at these times.  But just 40 years ago Summer was seen as a slow time for movie goers as the Financial Times stated:
    "Back then June, July and August were the movie industry's low season. By day, everyone was on the beach; by night, eating, drinking, dancing and carrying on. Who wanted to go rectangle-eyed in the dark, watching movies? That was a winter thing." 
     That all changed when the movie Jaws became a monster Summer hit in 1975.  Now about 30% of the money films make each year occur in the 3 Summer months.  For fans of Jaws the AMC channel has the movie on this evening (July 3rd) at 7:45.  You Tube has the movie at this link.

P.S.  Guess we know it is officially Summer when we have the news talking about shark attacks like the ones in North Carolina this past week.

    You Tube video to take us into the holiday weekend.

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