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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Plutopalluza at APL

  There was a great deal of excitement this past week as APL became the center of the world for planetary exploration.    Over 400 news outlets had requested media passes from APL.  To celebrate the New Horizons successful flight to Pluto APL hosted a "Plutopalluza" this past Saturday.

Above Mission Leader Alan Stern explains the project for an audience of over 400 people on Saturday.

   The model of the space probe is shown while a scientist talks about the different scientific tasks to be performed.

   The image above of Pluto shows the planet (OK dwarf planet) in detail that is amazing.

   A number of the mission scientists had demonstrations of their work on the mission.

   Funny but true story about Pluto.  When I was in elementary school we had to do a book report on a science book that we read.   I went to my local small town library where all the books were donated and found a book on the solar system.   I wrote my report and when the paper was returned the teacher took 5 points off because she said there were 9 planets and not 8 as I said in my report.  I told her the book I read said there were 8 planets.   I still had the library book and looked at the copyright date.  Unfortunately it was written in 1910 before Pluto was discovered.  Now that Pluto has been downgraded to a dwarf planet I want my 5 points back!


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